Friday, May 18, 2007

KABAR Magazine, "Inspired by Indonesia," writing contest results.

KABAR Magazine held an "Inspired by Indoesia" writing contest. I entered and earned a second place finish. One of the judges wrote the following about my piece:

"This was a very close second. I adore the first page of this story, it has a brilliant opening. The way the flood, death and disaster are described is truly captivating and I was taken to the river side immediately. Again the story deals with a very timely issue of environmental disasters and whether humans are to blame because of their arrogance in a very engaging and enjoyable way. It's an extremely well written short story."

Two weeks ago there was a celebratory dinner to announce the winners and distribute the prizes. It was good to meet the winner, Tim Hannigan, who is an EF (I believe) teacher in Surabaya. I look forward to being able to read his entire entry in the next edition of KABAR magazine. Wimar Witoelar and Lilimunir Croft Cusworth spoke.

Strangely enough, I did not meet anyone from the magazine.

My entry is posted below.


treespotter said...

congrats!!! I'll make sure to get hold onto Kabar next month :D

Andrew Greene said...

Thank you Mr Tree.

I do not know if my second place will be in the magazine. I kind of hope it will not be, so that I can sell it to a diferent publication.

I posted my entree on the blog.